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Schiff, a leader in the natural supplement industry since its beginnings more than 70 years ago, is one of the most trusted and respected brands due to its focus on research, innovations and delivery of high quality dietary supplements.

Schiff emphasizes the use of only the finest ingredients to ensure every product meets strict standards for identity, purity and stability.

The Schiff brand is owned by Salt Lake City-based Weider Nutrition International, which develops, manufactures, markets and sells branded and private label vitamins, nutritional supplements and sports nutrition products in the United States and throughout the world.

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Schiff Guarantees Quality At Every Step
Schiff Researches It
Schiff Sources It
Schiff Tests It
Schiff Manufactures It
Schiff Packages It
Third Parties Approve It
Schiff Guarantees It

Schiff History

Schiff Guarantees Quality At Every Step

In today's complex dietary supplement market, it's hard for consumers to know what to buy or which brand to trust. Schiff is one of the most trusted and respected brands in the natural supplement industry, having provided consumers with pure and high quality nutrition products for more than 70 years. Schiff guarantees the purity of each product due to its stringent quality controls at every point of the manufacturing, packaging and distribution process.

Schiff Researches It

Product research is at the core of Schiff's philosophy. The Schiff research and development team - led by Dr. Marta Draper, senior vice president of technology, research and development, and Dr. Luke Bucci, vice president of research - has more than 50 years of combined experience. Members of the research team are degreed scientists and most are post-graduate degreed professionals.

Schiff Sources It

Schiff requires that all raw materials shipped to its manufacturing facilities meet a strict supplier certification process that confirms identity, purity, stability and potency. If the ingredients don't meet Schiff's stringent standards, they are returned as unacceptable. Additionally, Schiff conducts periodic on-site audits at vendor facilities to ensure that ingredients are being processed to Schiff's high standards.

Schiff Tests It

Schiff's lab technicians test and retest every product to ensure that it meets their strict standards for identity, purity, stability and potency. Under the direction of Vince Rocco, vice president of quality control and quality assurance, and Dr. Rick Myers, director of analytical science, both raw ingredients and manufacturing processes are monitored to make certain that all products are produced with the highest levels of quality.

Additionally, a computerized statistical control system automatically checks each product at regular intervals during the manufacturing process to ensure physical quality.

Schiff Manufactures It

Schiff manufactures its products in its own highly controlled, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities constructed at its Salt Lake City headquarters in 1998. Schiff follows a standardized set of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) developed by the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA). The NNFA, the largest dietary supplement trade association in the United States, established the GMPs as a standard for self-testing the manufacturing process to ensure the quality, purity and label integrity of dietary supplements. For example, to prevent the possibility of room to room contamination during the ingredient mixing process, the doors to all mixing rooms at Schiff's facility are pressurized and close automatically.

Schiff Packages It

For consumer protection and added confidence when purchasing Schiff products, Schiff double-seals all bottles with both neck and cap seals. All Schiff labels are marked with expiration dates to ensure freshness. Labels also identify the name of the active ingredients, potency and recommended serving and list a toll-free Schiff consumer affairs number to call for more information.

Third Parties Approve It

Schiff products have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, which ensures the quality, safety and efficacy of therapeutic products sold and marketed in Australia and the South Pacific.

Schiff Guarantees It

Schiff offers an unconditional, money-back guarantee on each of its products for purity, freshness and labeled potency.

Schiff History

In 1921, at the age of 19, Eugene Schiff immigrated to the United States from Hungary and entered the College of Pharmacy (now Wayne University) in Detroit, Mich., where he majored in pharmaceutics. Upon becoming a pharmacist, Schiff opened a drug store in Detroit, but soon realized his real interest was in foods with special health features.
In the late 1930s, Schiff pioneered the use of whey for human consumption and formed Schiff Bio-Foods, a whey packaging company. He began selling packaged whey at his own drug store and to a few other local drug stores.
A year later, he gave up his store and decided to focus on the manufacturing and packaging of health foods.
Realizing that health food stores were selling synthetic vitamins rather than supplements made from natural products, Schiff began to study and experiment with whole foods such as brown rice, brewer’s yeast, wheat germ and liver.
He found that these foods were naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. Schiff began to develop vitamins and minerals that best utilized and enhanced their natural properties.
One of Schiff’s major breakthroughs was finding that rose hips provided a more concentrated source of vitamin C than orange juice. Schiff was the first to introduce this vitamin C source to America. Schiff also was the leader in producing the first natural source multi-vitamin,
Schiff’s V-Complette.
In 1949 Schiff moved his business to Jersey City, N.J. By 1954 business was booming and Schiff built a manufacturing plant and laboratory in South Hackensack, N.J. This building was a model for quality control and further helped to establish the Schiff brand as a trustworthy source of natural ingredients. In 1962 Schiff built a new 30,000-square-foot plant in Moonachie, N.J. By 1969, the Moonachie plant had doubled in size. In 1989 Schiff was acquired by Weider Nutrition International and relocated to Salt Lake City in 1991.


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